The BEST 2-minute Lemonade
This refreshing lemonade is made with the least effort and tastes like summer pure.
Servings Prep Time
5servings 2minutes
Servings Prep Time
5servings 2minutes
  • 3organic lemon
  • 1/3cup white cane sugaror granulated sugar
  • 4cups ice cold water
  • 20 ice cubes
  1. Wash the lemons hot, quarter them and remove the seeds.
  2. Put the lemons (including the peel), water, sugar and ice cubes into a good food processor and slowly switch to the highest setting. Mix for 30 seconds until a fine liquid is obtained. Add some sugar if desired. In this case mix again for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Divide the lemonade into glasses and enjoy ice cold.